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About me

Art as a means to bring humankind back to the essence of existence. Inspired by indigenous tribes and cultures and their knowledge of sustainable development of spirit, mind and environment.

I’m an explorer. I climb, I walk, I look, I use my nose and my hands. Driven by an endless curiosity to get to know a people, a culture. Using sensory ethnography, I document my encounters in the form of art, photography, and written story. My interest lies in building awareness of the teachings from indigenous perspectives. My latest project has been a deep-dive amongst the Maasai tribe of Kenya.

From a tender age I work in remote cultures, mostly at the juncture of human-wildlife conflict. I have had profound cultural experiences in Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. As anthropologist I have learned to embrace that which seems strange or remote. To make an understanding of the meaning behind practices and customs that at first seem incomprehensible. I seek to investigate tribes and indigenous cultures, who have a deep connection to Earth. There is precious wisdom in their knowledge of nature and the way they live in harmony with nature. As guardians of the earth, tribes teach about living in essence, from essence. With respect, I stand for safeguarding their knowledge of sustainable development of spirit, mind and environment.

My work for Tribes of Magic is a life’s project: a translation of my deepest heart desire to give voice to tribal knowledge and practices. My work reflects the rituals, complexion, and teachings of tribes across the globe. In this reference, I invite many of us who are searching: back to nature, back to where we belong. In opening our hearts, we open our eyes.

Conservation work

Human-wildlife conservation Loita Hills Kenya, 2023
Wildlife conservation, Elephants and Bees project Sri Lanka, 2013
Children’s orphanage Nairobi Kenya, 2011

Academic qualifications

Thesis Biomimicry: our life-giving systems, Wageningen University
Master Urban Environmental Management, Wageningen University
Minor Sustainable Development, Utrecht University
Bachelor Anthropology and Development Sociology, Utrecht University